Is It True?....Fish Oil Causes Prostate Cancer?

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on September 26, 2013

Good Afternoon Everyone,

      Over the summer there was a report that hit all of the major news TV stations.  This report indicated that omega-3 fish oil was linked as a cause for prostate cancer!  If true, this was a big deal since I and just about every other doctor out there has been highly recommending fish-oil as an essential supplement for overall health.  So off I went to figure this out....
      After reading into where this claim about prostate cancer risk came from and the science (if any) that was behind it, I'm happy to report that this is simply NOT TRUE!  When researching this, I learned that if there is an elevated level of omega-3 oils in the blood with any cancer, that it is actually because of the cancer.  Cancer cells alter metabolism in many ways and one is that they alter how our body breaks down omega-3 fats.  The cancer induces chemicals which cause a release of fatty acids (omega-3 fish oils) into the blood stream (so a person with any cancer has a chance of having higher levels of omega-3 oils in the blood).
      As for the "study" that made these claims.....This study simply showed correlation and NOT CAUSE between omega-3 oils and prostate cancer.  It did not check for cause and it did not adjust for all the different factors that a truly scientific prostate cancer study would.  Using the "science" behind this study, we could have also linked something like driving a SUV to that of having prostate cancer.

So in summary.... Omega-3 fish oils remain essential to the body and are absolutely necessary to use supplements for if you are not getting them from your diet.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jeff

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