Lighter Body... Heavier Wallet

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on June 22, 2015

Good Morning Everyone!

            This is my first blog that I have written in a while, so for those who enjoyed them, I do apologize for the break!  I really enjoy writing these, so I hope to continue them regularly again.  As with previous blogs, I will try and keep the information useful and relevant.

           Over the past couple years I have been counseling/advising many of my patients on diet, glycemic index, weight loss, stress reduction, reducing inflammation, hormone balancing and even sleep.  Besides diet modifications and food education, I have also been ordering many supplements/vitamins and meal replacement bars to help with each patient's needs.
           The two supplement companies are Standard Process and Nutriwest.  These are exclusive to doctors and are of the highest quality.  With high quality and exclusiveness the price of the supplements was until recently on the high side.  Because of this, it was always hard for me to supply them to everyone in need.  That was until recently when I was able to get these supplements at a much better cost! Now, I can offer to these great supplements to more of my patients that need/want them without breaking their budget (usually around 25-30% off of previous prices).  The new prices are not that far off from the commercial brands such as Centrum and the quality far exceeds them.

           Both Standard Process and Nutriwest are great in their own way and supply products that are necessary for patients specific conditions and general health.  Standard process is a company that has been producing organic/wholefood supplements from their very own organic farm since the 1920's.  They have truly great products and health systems for all different conditions and ages of patients.  Nutriwest hasn't been around for as long, but also has great supplements and fish oils.  I specifically like the supplements for digestive conditions from Nutriwest and I usually use Standard process for more general nutrition/ meal supplement/ multivitamin situations.

           So in closing, this weeks blog was to let everyone know that I'm always here to discuss your overall health/diet, any need for additional supplementation and overall food education.  Also, that there are better options for the supplements that they are currently taking or need to take, and that these don't have cost an arm and a leg.   You are always welcome to email me at with any questions!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jeff


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