Having Babies, Stress, Sciatica and Dr Jeff's Big news!

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on August 12, 2015

Good Morning Everyone!

            It's easy to see how one could link stress and having babies together, but where does sciatica come in?  Lets first talk about what stress has to do with sciatica.  Many of my patients know that stress in general can cause back pain and tightness, but with sciatica we have to include/discuss a very small gland that is attached to the top of our kidneys.  The gland is called your adrenal gland, and it will become exhausted when under higher levels of consistent stress (physical, chemical(diet/medications), or emotional stress).  When this gland becomes exhausted, it produces a viscera-somatic effect.  In other words, stress wears out your adrenal glands which weakens your low back/pelvic joints and can then lead to sciatica (and a trip into our office)!
            So when having low back pain/sciatica as a result of the above, you can get relief from a combination of getting chiropractic adjustments, massage, stretching, etc..  Doing this will definitely help your external/musculoskeletal low back/sciatic pain, but linking that chiropractic care with an Adrenal Gland Support product will help address the possible internal cause of the sciatica/low back pain that you are feeling.
            Many times it is difficult to remove the stresses that we are under, but we can at least support the the part of our body that deals with the stress!!  The product that I like and personally use everyday for Adrenal Support is called "Drenamin" and is made by Standard Process.  I truly notice a difference when using this product during my higher stress times, and so do all of the patients that I have recommended this to.
            Lastly, getting back to the title of this blog.... What does all this have to do with babies and My BIG NEWS.  Well..... babies = loss of sleep/fatigue/(happy stress) = adrenal gland exhaustion and the need for Drenamin.  And the BIG NEWS is that we are expecting our 5th baby around Sept 18th!!!

Take Home Messages:
1)  Stress = Adrenal Gland Exhaustion = Sciatica/low back pain
2)  Ask Dr Jeff/ Ruth for Drenamin adrenal support product (NOT a very expensive supplement!!)
3)  Dr Jeff and family are having their 5th baby!!!!  Dr. Jeff will be needing that adrenal support!!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jeff

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