Some VERY BAD Advice!

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on September 16, 2015

Good Evening Everyone,

            Recently, one of my patients was diagnosed with non-insulin dependant type 2 diabetes.  So in a nutshell, cells are becoming resistant to insulin and therefor are requiring more and more to have the effect of lowering blood glucose levels.  The result of this is the pancreas beginning to wear out due to the increase in demand for insulin.
           The first step for this is usually adjusting the diet and monitoring the daily blood glucose levels.  One would think that the advice/goal for diet would be to reduce the need for higher levels of insulin.  This would begin to give the pancreas a rest (allow for repair), and also reduce the effect of insulin resistance in the cells.  Hopefully the diet is followed, exercise is added and possibly the type 2 diabetes is reversed (or drastically reduced).
           So, this patient did receive dietary advice with the same intent that I described above, but the content was lacking.  The advice included the substitution of sugar with artificial sweeteners (spenda, aspartame) and natural sweeteners (truvia, stevia).  This advice will drive this patient into full blown insulin dependant diabetes even sooner than if the patient just kept on eating real sugar!

Explanation.....  The pancreas responds to sugar, but it mostly responds to how sweet something is.  The substitutes for real sugar are in some cases 1000x sweeter!!  For example, consumption of a diet soda will cause a more massive insulin release a regular soda.  Doing this over and over again will drastically speed up insulin resistance in the cells and the eventual death of the pancreas!  

Take Home Advice:  Diabetic or Not.... DON'T follow that bad advice.  Reduce the about of sweet you have in your diet.  Drink water (or unsweetened beverages), reduce desserts by 80%,  don't overcook pasta, eat sprouted grain breads/products/cereals, reduce refined flour by 80%, limit/avoid orange/yellow fruit and vegetables, and finally.... exercise 20-30 min a few times a week.

Yours in Health!

Dr. Jeff

P.S.  That same advice will help anyone loose considerable weight and keep it off!

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