I Think I'm Getting Arthritis In My Back

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on September 23, 2015

Good Evening Everyone!

            "I think I'm getting arthritis in by back, because it's starting to hurt occationally."  That's what one of my patients said to me this morning.  I first assured him it was ok and that with some very simple steps, we could minimize the effect/advancement of the arthritis.
            The arthritis that he was talking about is osteoarthritis, which basically is wear and tear to a joint.  Wear and tear on anything is best dealt with by using maintenance as a tool.  A car does better with regular maintenance and so  does your body.  That car also does better when you use better products to support it and again, so does your body.  So, the advice that this patient and every patient of mine gets is to make sure that they do a few simple things to minimize osteoarthritis:

  • Keep your spine and extremity joints moving properly and in the best possible position... using Chiropractic adjustments of course!!  For this I recommend that most people get adjusted at least once every 4-6 weeks ( some more.... some less).  
  • Exercise for 30-40 minutes a few times a week.... include 1/2 cardio work and 1/2 muscle training
  • Try and keep to an anti-inflammatory diet.... limit sugars, flour and salt (reduce all by 80%).  Also include fish oil supplementation for help with naturally reducing inflammation.  
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jeff

P.S.:   It's kind of ironic, but being a chiropractor is hard on the body.  So, I try and make sure that I am practicing what I preach above to prevent arthritis (wear and tear) from advancing.

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