No Seriously... What Happened to Me This Time?

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on August 19, 2013

Good Afternoon Everyone,      As many of you may know, I've been away from my blogs for over 6 months now, and NO I haven't just been slacking off!!  I have been getting quite an education during that time... Read More

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on February 27, 2013

Good Afternoon Everyone,     I've had a recent patient bring up a foot pain that she'd been having for over two years!  She had constant severe pain in her foot/toes which was holding her back from many different activities.  She had been to many... Read More


Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on January 16, 2013

Good Evening Everyone!      I just got done reading some very disturbing research on foods that are genetically modified.  This mostly surrounds the weed killer "Round-up," which is manufactured by the Monsanto company.  This company also manufactures seeds for our crops... Read More


Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on December 24, 2012

Just Kidding Everyone :)Happy Holidays!Dr. JeffAny medical information provided in Doctor Jeff's Blog is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her health professional. Any information provided is not meant to diagnose, treat... Read More

Do as the Pilgrims Did!

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on November 21, 2012

Good Evening Everyone!      We're about to begin one the happier and sometimes most stressful times of the year.  This week's blog will go over some suggestions that will help your body deal with stress that you are unable to avoid.Do as the Pilgrims... Read More

Common Drug Increases Risk of Heart Disease!!

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on October 24, 2012

Good Morning Everyone!       This one goes out to everyone out there that's on a statin drug for lowering cholesterol.  Recent studies in medical journals have indicated that statins are associated with a 52% increase in calcified coronary plaque when compard to... Read More


Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on October 11, 2012

Good Evening Everyone!      The popular debate on "health care" reform would be better labeled as reform on "sick care."  The current system and most medical research is set up to treat people after they get sick.  There's very little within the current health care... Read More

Beef's Big Come Back!

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on September 26, 2012

Good Evening Everyone!      I'm glad to report that after many years of being beat-up in the news and labeled as one of the major causes of heart disease, beef has figured out a way to make a come back.  These... Read More

Sluggish Bowel Movements? Read This

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on September 20, 2012

(This week's blog is a needed repeat given some questions that have been coming up in the office)Please enjoy again!Good Evening Everyone!        In recent weeks, we've talked a lot about nutrition and digestion.  So with this week's topic, we're going over how to... Read More

A Good Doctor's Mentor is 3 Years Old

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on September 13, 2012

Good Evening Everyone,      My daughter and most other 3-4 year olds can drive us a bit crazy by constantly asking "why?"  Their endless quest for knowledge can become quite tiresome to us, because we don't always have the correct answer for them.  They follow... Read More